UF Hollow Fiber

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Model: PES Hollow Fiber

Membrane Material : PES
Membrane Pore Size(micron):  0.10, 0.22, 0.45
Membrane Thickness (Micron) : 100-150
Membrane weight (mg/cm2) : 3.0
Width (mm) :254
Maximum operating temperature : 130
PH range: 2-10


The PES  membrane provided by FANSON is an asymmetric structure with high flow rate, high throughput, high strength and high temperature resistance. It can effectively remove particulate matter and is suitable for the fields of medicine, wastewater treatment and drinking water purification.

Product characteristics

1. High flow rate and high flux;

2. Inherent hydrophilicity;

3. It is not easy to bind to proteins and has low membrane fouling.

4. Good chemical compatibility;

5. High mechanical strength.

6. Clean environment production;

7. The product has passed 100% integrity test before leaving the factory.

8. The filter element meets the FDA biosafety standard.

9. It has good resistance to high temperature and acid and alkali.

Product Application

1. Conventional filtration and low protein adsorption filtration

2. Ion Chromatography Solution Filtration

3. Pharmaceutical liquid filtration, biological and serum filtration in pharmaceutical industry, terminal filtration of antibiotics in infusion, etc.

4. Terminal filtration of beverages, alcoholic drinks, etc. in food industry. Ultra-pure water terminal filtration

5. Rapid sterilization and filtration of tissue culture media, additives, buffers and other aqueous solutions


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