UF Hollow Fiber

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Model: PVDF Reinforced Hollow Fiber

Membrane material: PVDF Supporting material :nylon
Membrane Pore Size(micron): 0.1
Internal and external diameter (mm): 0.9/2.2
Water production mode : negative pressure suction
Pure Water Flux (LMH) :1500
Temperature range (/) : 5-40/40-104
PH range: 2-10


Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) reinforced hollow fiber membranes adopt special processing technology, which combines polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) with supporting materials. Under the condition of guaranteeing the pore size of the filament and the quality of the effluent water, the strength of the filament is greatly improved. Our reinforced hollow fiber membranes have been widely recognized in MBR.


Product Characteristics


1. Excellent water productivity, high flow rate

2. High strength, film filament is not easy to break, long life

3. Large Filament Filtration Area

4. Excellent chemical resistance, suitable for various water quality requirements


Product Application


1. Seawater desalination reverse osmosis technology pretreatment.

2. Wastewater treatment of landfill.

3. Municipal sewage treatment

4. Industrial Wastewater Treatment

5. Oil, gas and water reuse

6. Petroleum and Natural Gas Sewage Treatment


Water quality of product effluent


SDI <3

Turbidity < 0.1 NTU

TSS <2mg/L

No sulfur compounds were detected > 96%.

Oil content (MBR) < 1.5mg/L

TN <3mg/L

TP <0.5mg/L

Number of Escherichia coli 0 cfu/100 mL



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