Industrial UF Module

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Model: Column-Type UF Module

1. Modified PVDF has better hydrophobicity, smooth surface and high anti-pollution.
2. Solutions with high solid content can be separated.
3. Good chemical stability;
4. High voltage resistance;
5. High filling density;
6. It has high efficiency and good economic applicability.

Product description

In our daily water treatment industry, most of the ultrafiltration membranes have used PVDF ultrafiltration membrane components. Its filtration mode also tends to adopt full-flow filtration, regularly open the discharge valve for sewage discharge or cross-flow filtration. At the same time, the sewage valve is opened to discharge 5% - 10% of the sewage. Our membrane components usually accept automatic control better. So it is not necessary to have necessary pretreatment. Usually the filtering accuracy is 50-100 um.

The tubular membrane assembly is made of several single PVDF membrane tubes assembled into a bunch of membrane tubes placed in plastic or stainless steel cylinders and fixed by suitable methods. When in use, under the action of pressure, water and small molecule substances can permeate outward through the micro-holes on the membrane and porous support tube, and then discharge through the outlet hole after collecting.

The tubular membrane provided by Hairui has the advantages of anti-pollution, high flux and easy disassembly. It is suitable for drinking water treatment, biomedicine and food and beverage fields.


Product Application

 1. Drinking water treatment;

2. Drugs and medical products;

3. Biomedical field;

4. Food and beverage;

5. Microelectronics industry;

6. Oilfield reinjection water


Product Parameters




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