Domestic UF Module

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Model: Domestic UF Module

Hollow Fiber Ultrafiltration Membrane
6-24 months replacement
Core part of water purifier, filtering accuracy up to 0.01 micron
It can concentrate and separate macromolecule substances such as particles, 
colloids and organic substances in water, intercept bacteria, heat sources, algae and 
viruses, and retain trace mineral elements.

Performance Characteristics:

1. Membrane material is a polymer material with excellent chemical resistance, heat resistance and biological inertia, which has high safety in use.

2. Triple ways to intercept macromolecule substances:

 A) Adsorption in the membrane pore (primary adsorption);

 B) Removal (blocking) of residence in the micropore;

 C) mechanical interception on membrane surface

3. The special fabrication technology of membrane wire ensures that the water flux is large and the clogging is not easy.

4. The filter element can be cleaned repeatedly and has a long service life.

5. Based on the integrated application of new materials, new processes and new equipment, the membrane material is endowed with uniform gradient microporous structure and superhydrophilic property, which perfectly integrates "super-large water flux" and "high-precision filtration".

Functional role of the comprehensive application of highly safe drinking water treatment, secondary water pollution and raw water treatment field.

 A) Concentrate and separate macromolecule substances, particles, colloids and organic substances in water, and intercept bacteria and algae.

 B) It can effectively remove all kinds of bacteria, humus, sediment, colloid and rust in tap water, and retain excellent trace minerals in water quality.


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