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Model: Ultrafiltration Membrane Module

FANSON hollow fiber MBR module is made of reinforced PVDF membrane material, 
which is suitable for continuous filament production under harsh conditions such as MBR.
Mainly used in municipal, electric power, steel, petrochemical, textile, food and other 
fields of sewage treatment.
FANSON membrane curtain membrane module is an innovative and cost-effective 
membrane product, which is widely used in membrane bioreactor (MBR).

Product Characteristics

1. After hydrophilic modification, the membrane surface is smooth and anti-pollution is high.
2. The pore size of the membrane filament reaches 0.1 um, with high voidage, high flux and stable effluent quality.
3. The membrane filament is made of PVDF and has high chemical tolerance.
4. Membrane filament is designed with high strength and continuous filament.
5. The coating is not easy to peel after special treatment.
6. Component structure is simple, design is reasonable and easy to disassemble and assemble.
7. Components can be backwashed with low operating pressure and energy saving.


Product Application

 1. Advanced treatment of municipal wastewater

2. Advanced treatment of industrial wastewater

3. Disposal of Landfill Leachate


Product Specification Parameters



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